Stearic Acid


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Stearic Acid
Acid Value mg/g 200-208
Color 5.25” Lovibond 5.0Y/1.0R Maximum
Iodine Value g/100g 1.0 Maximum
Moisture % 0.3 Maximum
Saponification Value   201-209
Titer °C 57.5-60.0
Unsaponifiables % 1.0 Maximum
Typical Chain Length %  
C14   2
C16   30
C18   64


Stearic Acid is a 18-carbon length fatty acid derived from animal or vegetable feedstocks which is used in a wide variety of applications including food, personal care, soaps, candles, rubber, grease, metal working fluids, and oil field applications.

Grades Available

FCC, USP/NF Kosher Grade, Single Pressed, Double Pressed, Triple Pressed, Rubber Grade, High Purity, Low IV, Various percentages, Beads, Flakes and Liquid

NOTE: The above specifications are a representation of one of several grades we have available for this product. If you need to meet a particular specification, please inquire with us.


This product is available in bags. Please inquire about packaging options.


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