Glycerin, 99% USP


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Glycerin, 99% USP
Assay (C3H8O3; Anhydrous Basis) % 99.0-101.0
Specific Gravity @ 25°C   1.258 Minimum
Water % 2.0 Maximum
Readily Carbonizable Substances   To Pass Test
Residue after Ignition   0.01 Maximum
Appearance of Solution   To Pass Test
Chloride (Cl) % 0.001 Maximum
Sulfate (SO4) % 0.002 Maximum
Heavy Metals (as Pb) ppm 5 Maximum
Refractive Index   1.470-1.475
Organic Volatile Impurities   To Pass Test
Color   To Pass Test
  ppm 30 Maximum
Ammonium   To Pass Test
Fatty Acids and Esters   To Pass Test
Diethylene Glycol and Related Compounds   To Pass Test
Calcium (Ca)   To Pass Test
Acidity or Alkalinity   To Pass Test
Arsenic (as As) ppm 2 Maximum
Acrolein, Glucose or other Reducing Substances   To Pass Test
Aldehydes and Reducing Substances   To Pass Test
Sugars   To Pass Test


Glycerin is a versatile and widely used humecant, thickener, lubricant, solvent, and sweetener used in many food, pharmaceutical, and personal care applications. Additional applications include use as an antifreeze or a chemical intermediate. Glycerin can be derived from natural, renewable sources, as a byproduct of biodiesel, or it can be synthetically created.

Grades Available

Crude, Technical Grade

NOTE: The above specifications are a representation of one of several grades we have available for this product. If you need to meet a particular specification, please inquire with us.


This product is available in various packaging options. Please ask about custom packaging.


Glycerol, glycerin.

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