Boric Acid


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Boric Acid
B2O3 % 56.25-56.80
Equivalent H3BO3 % 99.9-100.9
SO4 ppm 350 Maximum
Chloride (Cl) ppm 18 Maximum
Iron (Fe) ppm 6 Maximum
U.S. Standard Sieve No. % 2.0 Maximum


Boric Acid can be added to petroleum or vegetable oil to create a lubricant which can be applied to ceramic or metal surfaces. Boric acid is also used in the manufacturing process of textile fiberglass which are used to reinforce plastics. With its conjugate base, boric acid is commonly used as a primary or adjunct pH buffer systems in swimming pools.


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Hydrogen Borate; Trihydrooxidoborane; Orthoboric acid; Boracic acid; Sassolite; Optibor; Borofax

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